HDD Enclosures!

I want to share this new experiment I’ve been through with you, I’ve just bought a new PC and I got rid of the old one, however I still have 60GB of data which have to be copied, so as the new PC supports SATA where the old supports IDE, what a dilemma?
I’ve heard about HDD enclosures, which are great things indeed, so I bought one and plugged my 80GB internal HDD into it and here it is an 80GB external HDD. However, the only drawback in that is just the power issue; it must be plugged to an electricity outlet in order to work.
But before that I had an idea to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu; so before buying it I asked the seller, “does it support USB booting”, and shockingly he answered: “No!” so I got disappointed for a minute or so but I did buy it because I have really great amount of data which must be transferred to the new box and to make sure that the salesperson was telling the truth.
After , I said let’s try installing a new Operating System OS to this HDD just to see if the seller knows what he was talking about, and I did, I’ve chosen my best penetration testing environment to be installed, which is “BackTrack” it is the IV edition.
I’ve plugged the external HDD and powered it on and booted the CD, and installed the BT4 on it, and it worked great, so I rebooted the machine, and I got a list of OS’s installed on the computer so I can select any to fire it up.
I was really happy with that. So I turned my gear off, and hanged out with my friends, then I came back, and launched my computer but forgot to turn on the External HDD, so I got a “Boot Error 21”!
What the hell!!! Yup; the MBR (Main Record Boot) sector is now installed on the 80GB External HDD, so I can NOT run it unless the External HDD is ON (it can be fixed by using Linux command line tools).
I was frustrated because I did that mistake and now I have to format the 80 GB HDD to get only Windows 7 ( the default OS) which is installed on the internal hard-drive so that “anyone at the house boots it without asking me :p”. After formatting the external HDD I realized that I’ve just did the biggest mistake ever: I’ve just removed the MBR!!!

I can’t boot up my Windows 7!

So, what to do know? Well, after a while I remembered my friend “casper devil”, he is an active Linux user @ http://www.LinuxForums.org, he told me once about a tool which is called “Super Grub Boot Tool”; it’s simply a tool to fix Windows or Linux MBR, and yup the issue was completely solved and here I am writing this.

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